My little iPhone addict

While Jared would LOVE to own an iPhone, he unfortunately does not.  However, Uncle Ryan has both an iPhone and an iPad.  Bryce was introduced to the wonder of game apps while at summer camp this year.  He would play on Uncle Ryan’s iPad for hours if I’d let him.  One night Ryan didn’t have his iPad with him, so he let Bryce use his phone.  The only problem with that is now every time he sees an iPhone, he assumes it’s for his gaming pleasure.  Doesn’t matter who it belongs to- he tried to swipe the phone out of a realtor’s hand while we were looking at a house yesterday!   The other night in church, he kept asking Aunt Carrie (who also has an iPhone) and Uncle Nathan for the “small monkey.”  Unless you speak “Bryce”, this is total nonsense.  When I heard what he was asking for, I realized he wanted to play a game that Ryan has on his phone that has a monkey in it.  He was asking for the small monkey, because the iPad is the big monkey and the iPhone is the small monkey. (makes sense in a weird sort of way)  It’s times like these that I wonder how he’ll ever get along in the world without me- the walking Bryce to English dictionary.  He does have creative ways of getting his point across, even if they aren’t “normal.”  I guess we’ll just have to see where this adventure known as Bryce’s life takes us!