Bryce Makes Me Laugh

Henry, our middle son is 3 years old, and must say 12 adorable things a day.  He just makes me laugh all the time.  Or makes my heart melt with his sweetness.  We are enjoying this stage so much! With Bryce, it’s really just beginning.  We skipped over the cute/adorable stage altogether, because he wasn’t talking at all when he was 3 and 4 years old.  Now that he has a good handle on language, he’s beginning to actually communicate more than just basic needs and wants.  I have caught myself saying “I need to write that down” more and more often.  So here’s an example:

A couple days ago, we were driving along and the song “Alouette” came on.  
     Bryce said, “This song is Spanish!” (You can tell he’s grown up  in Southern California.)  
     I said, “No, it’s French.  It’s another language, like Spanish, but it  sounds different.”  
Later that night, we were about to watch a movie and the language options came up.  
          Jared jokingly asked, “Should we watch it in French?”  
     Bryce quickly replied, “No, Daddy! French is silly words! We need English!”  
Jared was so proud. :)

Last night for dinner, we had “Mexican Hot Dogs”, or hot dogs wrapped in a corn tortilla and baked to make them crispy.  
    Bryce sat down to eat and said, “Hot dogs in tortillas?! How    unexpected!”
Jared and I just cracked up!  If you could only hear his voice inflection as he said it-so funny! 

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