Struggling Along

Bryce has been having a much harder time with second grade than he did with first.  The state standards and curriculum changed a few years ago, and now everything is so WORDY.  The math pages are just sentences full of facts and word problems.  They way they try to teach the kids to solve some things is so complicated.  I know for a fact that the majority of the class is struggling to grasp the concepts, but that doesn’t really help much.  Bryce has a great grasp of the concepts, and if you lay out the problem for him, he can do it in a snap.  And the language and spelling work is a breeze for him.  His aide says that he’s the only one in the class that just sits down and gets his work done.  

But the big area we are struggling with is reading comprehension.  Bryce has been reading since before Kindergarten.  But it’s just words to him still.  He hasn’t learned to focus on what he’s saying and understand what’s being read.  You can ask him a question about the sentence he just read and he’ll look at you blankly.  Or, he will try to look back in the paragraph and find the answer.  That is better than nothing, but the more advanced the subject gets, the more abstract it is. Anything that requires inference goes straight over his head.  I really don’t know what we are going to do with him.  He may need to go back into a special ed class that will be designed for teaching and not so focused on meeting state standards.  He does get accommodations for testing, but he’s getting lost in the shuffle, I’m afraid.  The only thing saving him is his full time aide.  But I don’t know how long we get to keep her around.  Technically she’s only supposed to be for ABA support at the school.  We have just been lucky to use her all day :) 

For now, the plan is to just see where second grade goes, and how well he does this year.  Next year, who knows?  I just don’t want him to hate school.  He’s so bright, and has such potential! And he’s always liked school a lot.  On a brighter note, we qualified for free school lunches this year, so he’s been able to “buy” lunch every day.  It is the absolute highlight of his day.  He loves to punch in his number, and go through and pick out what he wants to eat.  And it’s good, healthy fresh food, too.  Every day he comes home and tells me what he picked out for lunch.  It’s the little things, right? :)
Can’t believe this little cutie is in 2nd grade now!!!

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