What did you say?

I was going to add to this and post it on Bryce’s birthday last Sunday.  Oops.  I think it will do just as it is.  

The other day I bumped into Bryce in the living room, and in his typical way, he overreacted and fell down backwards onto the floor.  That was nothing new.  What he said next was.  

“Are you trying to kill me or something?!?”

I just stared at him, dumbfounded.  What?!? I have no idea where that one came from, but it was hilarious.

For the last few days, Bryce has been quoting, no, mimicking, a monologue from Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.  He discovered it on ABC.com where he regularly goes to watch AFV reruns.  I heard him in the back of the car:

“A piece of toast? Pretzels? Popcorn?  What kind of Thanksgiving dinner is this? Where’s the turkey, Chuck?  Where’s the mashed potatoes…?”  It goes on and on, but I won’t type it all out.  Suffice it say it is a perfect imitation of Peppermint Patty.  Maybe this kid could be an actor someday.  Well, provided someone else does the acting first so he can just copy them.