Last night, Bryce was taking a shower before bed when I heard him calling, “Um, excuse me, Mom?” (that’s how he starts every direct address-not sure where he picked up the habit, but it’s rubbed off my other two and now people think I have exceptionally polite children) :) I went to see what he needed and he said, “Something’s really smelly in here!”  Of course, my first thought was that he’d gone to the bathroom in the shower or something.  Eww.  So I pulled back the shower curtain and he said, “See, something smells in here!”  The shower was full of steam. I just laughed and laughed. Did I mention he’s very visual?  I think he’s been watching too many cartoons!  I explained that it was steam from the hot water, not a smell.  We can’t really see smells.  He then said, “Oh, and the water is too hot.”  No kidding 😉

After his shower, he was getting dressed (socks first, of course) and he turns to me and says, “Will you wax me?”  What?!?  He held out his hand, which had a band-aid on it, and said again, “Will you wax me?”  He wanted me to rip off the band-aid for him.  I obliged and then he yelled and pretended that it hurt.  I asked him where he learned the word “wax” and what it meant.  He just said, “AFV” (America’s Funniest Home Videos) with this matter of fact voice, like, Duh! I didn’t know where to begin with correcting that one, so for now, we’ll just stick to “waxing” when it’s time to remove old band-aids. :)

Guess who got Student of the Month today?