Oh, dear, I’m in Big Trouble!

Bryce had us all laughing tonight.  It’s Jared’s birthday tomorrow, so we had the family over tonight for a little party.  Baby Abe (cousin) was asleep in our bedroom.  I completely forgot about that fact when I told Bryce he could go play on the iPod.  A few minutes later I went down the hall and I heard Abe fussing.  I went to get Jamie, and as I did, Bryce came bolting out of the room saying, “Oh, dear, I’m in big trouble!”
 He had gone in, turned on the light and grabbed the iPod when he realized there was a baby on the bed who was now awake and crying.  He dropped the iPod on the floor and left it there.  The look on his face as he realized what he’d done was hilarious.  Jamie came to the rescue and Bryce was still muttering under his breath as he went down the hall, “I’m in big trouble, I’m in big trouble.”  I guess he remembers how upset I would get with him when he would barge into the room when Henry was sleeping.  This was an honest mistake, no worries :)
Cousin Abe
Also, today when we were driving home from school, Henry wanted to listen the song, “The Animal Fair.”  We must have at least ten children’s CD’s in the van, and I had no idea which one that song was on.  But I figured Bryce would know!  I asked him, and he said, “Children’s Songs Disc 2.”  Then I asked him if he knew which track it was. (I knew he did- you can ask him what number any song is on any CD and he’ll tell you after only listening to it once)  He replied after a brief pause, “Number 17.”  Sure enough, he was right on the button.  Thank you, my living Table of Contents!  We joked that I should have him memorize all my phone contacts in case I ever lost them.  Who needs an address book when you have Bryce?