We used to have passes to Disneyland but when Bryce started going to school full day it just didn’t make sense for us to keep them.  Of course, the incredible rate hikes they’ve hit pass holders with the last two years didn’t help either.  But when Bryce was preschool and Kindergarten aged, we went regularly.  He started asking when we were going to go back to Disneyland about a year ago.  I told him it was probably going to be a few years before we could go again because it was just so expensive.  So he starting saying, “What year can we go to Disneyland?  2nd grade, or 3rd grade?”  We didn’t make any promises, but it helped to know that it was out there somewhere in the future and we would go again.  

A couple months ago, Henry got in on the action and started praying every night that he could save up his money so he could buy tickets and go to Disneyland.  And then this week, he got his prayers answered!  Grandma casually said, “I think it’s about time to go to Disneyland again,” and offered to buy the boys’ tickets.  I just had to come up with money for mine and we could spend a great day at the happiest place on earth!  Poor Daddy, he had to work- maybe next time 😉

Henry was excited when he found out we were going to go to Disneyland, but Bryce was nearly beside himself!  He remembered all about it and couldn’t wait to go.  It had been two years since we had been there, so Henry was too young to remember much.   But not Bryce!  He started naming all the rides he wanted to go on and what kind of food we should pack in the cooler bag for lunch and snacks.

The cutest thing was when the morning finally came and we were waiting by the door for Grandma.  She peeked in and said, “Who’s ready to go to Disneyland?”  Bryce was so excited and flustered he just kept sputtering and finally got out “Oh, Grandma…it’s so nice…I’m so glad…it’s really nice…to MEET you!”  Hahaha.  He meant to say “see” you, since that meant it was time to leave, but we got the idea.  Sweet boy- he had such a great day.  It was so nice to see him unplugged from all the electronic stuff he loves and interacting so well with us all day long.  It really was one of the best trips to Disneyland.  We can’t wait for next year!



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  1. Tommy and I are planning a trip there this year and I heard that if you take the autism diagnosis you can get a special pass that allows you to use the wheel chair line. Which will be good as Ethan would not be able to wait in line for long periods of time

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