"I have a new rule…"

I had to write this down before I completely forgot about it!  Today when I picked Bryce up from school, Mrs. Linda told me that he announced something to her as they were walking out for the day.
“I have a new rule.”
“Oh, yes?  What’s that?”
“Mrs. Linda will not talk to me anymore.  I will work by myself.”
“That’s a great rule! As long as you are really working.
I’m not sure it’s an exact quote.  I’ve already forgotten what she told me, and when I asked Bryce about it, he just said, “I will work by myself.”  But the gist of it is this: he’s noticing that he’s missing out on things in class when he is pulled out to do work alone with Linda or his other therapists.  He doesn’t want Linda to sit right next to him in class.  (Like any other kid, he’d rather avoid work altogether)  He’s also asserting more and more independence.  All of this is great news, socially.  It brings up other issues, like losing some of his compliant attitude.  Normally that would be a “big trouble” kind of thing, but when you dealing with an autistic child, the very fact that he can verbalize how he’s feeling is a HUGE step.  And as long as he keeps a good attitude and respect for adults while telling us how he feels, I’ll allow it :)

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