Spring Break Schedule

Because we have two weeks of Spring break and Bryce is now home all day, I instituted a schedule with several blocks of “No electronics allowed” throughout the day.  Otherwise, he would be plugged into something for two straight weeks.  He has no desire whatsoever to be involved in anything else.  You have to drag him outside and then you have to do something to engage him or he’ll just wander around or find somewhere to sit and wait.  His lack of imagination can be so frustrating, but it’s not his fault.  His brain just doesn’t work that way.  However, he is a master imitator, so if you show him what to do, he’ll usually go along with it.  The only problem with that scenario is it leaves me the designated entertainer all day long and I get nothing done.  It’s like having a fussy newborn.  I suppose that’s why it’s so easy to let him play Wii or iPod, or use the computer.  At least on the computer he’s playing educational games and school activities like Stretch Math.  But that doesn’t stop me from feeling guilty about it.  He’s just so happy when he’s playing his games and miserable when he’s forced to participate in regular family life with the rest of us! If we are out of house and doing something, it’s much better.  He just knows it’s not available so he resigns himself to being with us :) That’s why I’ve tried to have something scheduled every day this week to get us out in the gorgeous weather and away from the machines.  Having a schedule has helped him quite a bit.  It’s actually the uncertainty of not knowing when he’ll be allowed to play next that bothers him.  As long as he knows when he can play again, he’s been very good with the restrictions.  I’ve tried to schedule things during the approved play times as well, to stretch out the time between gaming.  This first week has been a success, I’d say.  Although, he’s already asking, “Is Saturday Spring break?”  Meaning, do I have to follow the same rules? Hate to tell you kid, but I’m doing this from now on!  When school starts again I’ll have definite times of no electronics during the afternoon.  And the same thing goes for Summer break.  We’ll just have to keep planning things to keep him busy.  That, and the pool is a HUGE lifesaver in the summer time.  He would spend 8 hours in there if he could!
One of our activities this week-the Public Library


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    • Glad you found me! :) We are a few years ahead of your journey :) Does ours seem familiar to you? I don’t know what posts you read, but there’s one I did recently that went back over the start of everything. It really is amazing to see the progress over the years. I’ll check out your site for sure! And I hope the recipe turns out well for you! Check out my new site for more Pinterest reviews: http://www.365ishpins.com/

  1. I can relate to this. Our son, Daniel, 4, loves to play with our iPhones. He is obsessed with garbage trucks: play ones, real ones, garbage day is a monumental event in our week. He plays Angry Birds, Sheep Launcher, and most recently scrolls through my iTunes music, which I think is great. I can absolutely relate to you being the sole entertainer, one-woman show. It’s the same in my house. I get very little done when it’s only me, and my husband isn’t around. As different and unique as each autistic child is, it’s fascinating to me how alike they are.

    • It does get easier when they are in school, since that occupies a lot of time and they are getting much needed therapies. I have two younger sons as well, 4 and 1, and they need Mom’s attention! I’m really glad Bryce was 4 before we had our second son. I don’t know how I would have handled two “babies” at the same time!

  2. I’m about to blog for the first time since last summer. I will definitely go back through your posts. I’m glad I found you. I’ll probably post more now. It’s such a cathartic thing, and something I’ve neglected — why, I don’t know. We are about to meet with regional center next week to fight to keep hours. That should inspire a few good blogs. lol!

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