He’s going to hate me for this someday…

Every Wednesday Bryce has PE at school.  They’ve been doing “Jazzercise” lately, and Mrs. Linda keeps telling me how good he is at keeping up with the moves.  For someone so awkward with his body, it’s a little hard to believe.  So to prove it, she made a couple videos for me. I know that someday he’s going to hate me for posting this online, but it’s so cute-I can’t help it :)

Got one more :)


10 thoughts on “He’s going to hate me for this someday…

  1. Hello,
    Thanks so much for your visit. This is toooo cute. Kids love us telling the world what they do, lol. Did you link up or did I just miss you? If not please add your blog page to the hop. A lot of people will love your blog. I’m following you back on GFC. Hope you will visit often and please let me help advertise your blog at our hops, you are always welcome.

  2. You will love this. My 4-year-old, Daniel (remember he has autism) was watching the video again today. He put the phone down and started imitating him and said to me, “dancing like Bryce.” There’s that amazing memory again. It’s been at least two months since I told him your son’s name. He tried to do the touching the ground move. So cute and I thought it would warm your heart!

    • That is adorable! I love that Bryce is making someone happy “out there” :) I’m working on another post with some pics and video of his patriotic performance at school. But no dancing :)

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