A Glimpse of "Normal"

Tonight after dinner we went to the park to take a walk and play on the playground.  Normally when we go to the park, Bryce will wander around a bit and climb on a few of the play structures but he keeps to himself.  He often is “silly thinking” while doing this (that’s the term Mrs. Linda came up with in regard to his verbal stimming).  The playground we went to tonight has a little see-saw which he loves to bounce on.  He and I were playing on it together when a little girl came up and stood there waiting for a turn.  Bryce was going to get off, but I told him to play with her and got off so she could ride with him.  I was pleasantly surprised to see him interact with her.  She talked to him and asked him questions and he answered correctly and carried on a conversation so well!  They moved on from the see-saw to playing “chase” all over the playground.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am to a little girl named Ashmin for treating my son like any other child and accepting the extra work it is to be a friend to him.  It was a little glimpse of “normal” and such a refreshing way to end our day!

Enjoying our summer nights!

One thought on “A Glimpse of "Normal"

  1. I love this story, and see it so often with him at school! It only takes one other special child to show compassion and spend a little time talking to someone who may be a little different. But Bryce loves the interaction, he only needs for someone else to initiate it. He most often is very willing and capable of reciprocating! He has come a long way!!

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