Third Grade and Saying Good-bye to Mrs. Linda

first day of school collageTime marches on, doesn’t it?  As I typed in the title of this post, I thought to myself, I may not be ready to write this one yet.  It still makes me weepy inside to think of Bryce at school without our beloved Mrs. Linda.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy Mrs. Linda’s expertise and love for the last three years of school.  This year, they powers that be (ones I’m not exactly thrilled with at the moment) decided to assign her elsewhere and gave Bryce a new aide.  Since school just started yesterday, I’ll reserve judgement on the new lady. :)  She seems nice enough, but she’s not Mrs. Linda, that’s for sure!  The one saving grace in all of this is that Linda will still be working there at Buchanan, so she’s on site.  She told Bryce if he ever wanted to talk to her, all he had to do was ask Mrs. Sally to bring him to see Mrs. Linda.  That set my heart at ease.  She speaks the language of “Bryce” and most of it is non-verbal.  I should say, she reads him well.  We also have the option of hiring her as a private tutor to help out with homework and such, which I plan on doing if we can make it work.  That way we don’t completely lose our connection with her, and I won’t feel like Bryce will lose so much progress and time as he adjusts to a new aide.  We are really praying for someone who will continue to push him and educate him.  He doesn’t need someone to just keep him from disrupting class.  In fact, he’s probably the best behaved kid there.  He’s just totally missing everything the teacher says as he sits there quietly, thinking about Mario or Thomas the Train.  For now, I’m trying to take a “wait and see” approach to the beginning of the year while the kinks get worked out.  In the meantime, my little boy is barreling towards his 9th birthday and I’m feeling proud of how he’s grown, yet desperate to keep him little.  Safe.  Innocent.  Sweet.  My Bryce.