Friday’s Sweet Signs of Hope Guest Post

A few weeks ago, Chelsea from Where did the Bird Go? left a comment on my blog asking whether I’d be interested in sharing our story on her blog.  She found me on my other blog and saw my link over to “Bryce’s” site.  I was more than happy to share with her readers.  I especially love her site because it’s not all about “curing” autism and making it go away.  It’s about accepting things and then doing your best to provide the help and support necessary to help your child achieve his best.  It doesn’t view autism as a death sentence and ending to all hopes and dreams.  So she started something called Sweet Signs of Hope that runs on Fridays.  It highlights a special child and shares their moments of hopefulness and a bit about their journey.  Here’s a sampling of ours.

Looking back, there were signs everywhere that Bryce was “different.” He refused to breast-feed. Some of that was he was so big and so hungry and I had poor production. But he didn’t seem to like being held close to my skin. People would comment about how focused he was for such a little baby. He was so easy- I just put him down in the crib for his naps and he would lie there until he talked himself to sleep. He was happy to be alone. He would just stare at the lights above his head. But he was smiley and hit all his milestones, so I wasn’t worried. If he had been a second child, I would have noticed things earlier, I’m sure. He didn’t play with toys normally. He LOVED to line things up in a row. He knew his ABC’s before he was 2. He would read license plates as we walked by. And that was his ONLY verbal communication. He didn’t ask for things. He would go all day without eating or drinking if I didn’t give it to him. By the time he was 2, I was a little concerned. I mentioned his lack of speech to his pediatrician when he had his 2 year appointment. She sent us to a neurologist for testing.

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