Disneyland and Green Eggs and Ham

I know all kids go through phases where they play only one game, or sleep with one special stuffed animal, or play with only one toy. Autistic kids do that but to the extreme. Bryce is working on a couple new ones. We walk a fine line between being happy that he’s talking up a storm about something and wants to share it with other people and teaching him that what he’s totally excited about might be boring for other people. Since autistic kids don’t read facial expressions and pick up on body language, they have to just be told when it’s time to move on to another subject.

Currently Bryce is dwelling on Disneyland. We went last month and he’s talked about little else since then. We used to have passes and would go all the time when he was little. Now they are priced WAY out of our budget, so we save up and hit up the bank of Grandma for tickets to go once a year. As soon as 2014 rolled around, Bryce started asking when we were going to Disneyland, because it was a new year. We spent a wonderful day as a family at Disneyland, with the exception of It’s a Small World being closed. Bryce got his hands on a map and now inspects it daily to talk about which rides we will go on in 2015. He has the route picked out, what time to go where, and which rides to skip. (Splash Mountain is high on that list because “we might get wet.”) It really is cute, but if you don’t want to talk about Disneyland for at least thirty minutes, including a play-by-play of the best moments of his favorite rides, don’t bring it up. :)



The other thing that we are currently getting A LOT of right now is Green Eggs and Ham. I don’t know if it was the emphasis on Dr. Seuss this month because of his birthday or what, but the book has made a reappearance here. Charlie is also a willing participant in this new obsession. We have read that book about a million times in the last two weeks. Bryce even found some You Tube videos of an old computer game that reads the book to you for the times when we can’t take it anymore. :) Of course, he doesn’t really need those since he can read very well AND has the entire book memorized. The other night we went to visit Daddy at work and have some dinner. While we were sitting around the table, he and Daddy starting “playing” Green Eggs and Ham. It takes forever, so I just recorded the last minute or so to share with you. :)

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