Finishing 3rd Grade

I can’t believe that we are already coming to the end of 3rd grade! We still have two weeks of school left, but most of those days are filled with fun activities like field days, picnics and ice cream parties. Ah, summer….I can’t wait. I was cleaning out Bryce’s backpack this weekend and I came across this paragraph/story that Bryce had to write for class. He drew the picture and wrote it all by himself. They have prompts to follow like character, setting and action, but he related a story about something that happened earlier in the week. When I saw his picture, I just started cracking up! This incident had NOTHING to do with him, but it obviously made an impression on him. Probably because he’s still very concerned about all things Disneyland related these days.

IMG_1421The paragraph reads:

Last week at home my brother Charlie was not listening to mom and began to play with mom’s white paint. The white paint got all over his sweatshirt. Mom put him on time out on the couch. Mom had to throw away Charlie’s sweatshirt. Now, Charlie needs a new sweatshirt to wear at Disneyland when it’s cold. It’s always good to listen to my mom so I don’t ruin my clothes.

Apparently, I was very angry! :) Also, I have enormous hands.

Another thing that happens at the end of the school year is the final drills for fire, earthquake, lock-down, etc. Bryce HATES fire drills.  Because of the physical pain and distress that it causes him, he is always warned before a scheduled drill and his aide will take him outside so it’s not so loud when the alarms start blaring. The other day he was prepared for one, but for some reason they didn’t have it. I told him they would probably do it the next day instead. Unfortunately, he then began to obsess over the possibility of a fire drill the next day. We talked about it for a while, and I thought it was over until the next morning. He came out for breakfast and made this proposition:

Mom, how about we play rock, paper, scissors? If you win, I will go to school today. If win, I will be absent.

photo (5)I was taken aback at how clever and “normal” this was. Rock, paper, scissors? I just laughed and told him that was a great idea, but no, he can’t get out of going to school just because there might be a fire drill that day. He sees his dad and I settle our differences using rock/paper/scissors all the time, so I guess it’s worn off on him! :) Clever boy never ceases to amaze me.