Third Grade: Another Year Done

Today was the last day of 3rd grade for Bryce. It seems like last week that I was writing the post about losing Mrs. Linda and having to start a new year with so many changes! I’m happy to report that we survived the year and Bryce did well. There were ups and downs, including a HUGE meltdown thanks to an unscheduled fire drill last week, but he made it! I have no idea what’s going to happen next year, except that he will still be at Buchanan. It really is a wonderful elementary school with a great staff. Everyone is so nice to Bryce and they all seem to know him. He has a gentle spirit and a contagious enthusiasm about life that seems to draw people to him. I’m grateful for the room moms that were also such good friends and helpers for him all year.

bryce square dance 1

The last few weeks of school the entire third grade participated in “Apple Valley Schoolhouse” pioneer days. They studied pioneer life, brought in special projects, dressed up like frontier men and women and the big finish was an old-fashioned field day, square dancing and a picnic on the greens. Parents were invited to attend field day and join in on all the fun. I had Henry and Charlie with me, so I didn’t go for the games, but we went to see the square dancing and enjoy a picnic lunch. It was quite an undertaking to get at least 100 3rd graders all in their respective squares all over the black top to show off what they had learned!

Mrs Morgan

The lovely Mrs. Morgan in her pioneer garb :)


Circle left…






Henry was just glad to get to the picnic time!


Poor Charlie was hot in the sun!


Handsome boy ready to say good-bye to 3rd grade!


The kids danced two numbers. The first one was pretty simple, and the parents were able to take a turn dancing with them. The second number was more complicated with several position changes and I was really impressed with how well all the kids did! What a fun way to say good-bye to a great school year!

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  1. Awwww how adorable are those videos ;'( ;'( I can’t believe he is already going to 4th grade. GOOD JOB BRYCE

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