Third Grade: Another Year Done

Today was the last day of 3rd grade for Bryce. It seems like last week that I was writing the post about losing Mrs. Linda and having to start a new year with so many changes! I’m happy to report that we survived the year and Bryce did well. There were ups and downs, including a HUGE meltdown thanks to an unscheduled fire drill last week, but he made it! I have no idea what’s going to happen next year, except that he will still be at Buchanan. It really is a wonderful elementary school with a great staff. Everyone is so nice to Bryce and they all seem to know him. He has a gentle spirit and a contagious enthusiasm about life that seems to draw people to him. I’m grateful for the room moms that were also such good friends and helpers for him all year.

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Spring Break Schedule

Because we have two weeks of Spring break and Bryce is now home all day, I instituted a schedule with several blocks of “No electronics allowed” throughout the day.  Otherwise, he would be plugged into something for two straight weeks.  He has no desire whatsoever to be involved in anything else.  You have to drag him outside and then you have to do something to engage him or he’ll just wander around or find somewhere to sit and wait.  His lack of imagination can be so frustrating, but it’s not his fault.  His brain just doesn’t work that way.  However, he is a master imitator, so if you show him what to do, he’ll usually go along with it. Continue reading