Spelling Word Sentences

Bryce thoroughly enjoying his game of air hockey with Henry
 at the bowling alley yesterday

I just love the first day of the week, when we start on a new spelling list.  I know, that may sound crazy, but really, I love it- probably because Bryce is a whiz at spelling so it’s not really work at all.  And the first day is special because Bryce will use the words in a sentence.  (Something he started doing on his own, by the way. I always just ask him to read the words to me but he wants to do the sentences, too.  But only on the first day)

Today’s list was a goldmine of great sentence cues.  Here are a few of them:

  • thank– “I thank the Lord…” and then he trailed off and I’m not sure how he finished the sentence, but I thought it was sweet
  • sing– “I HATE SINGING!” -I just laughed and laughed.  He was so adamant about it, and it’s totally true.  His class is practicing a bunch of songs for a patriotic program at school and he’s really not happy about being forced to participate. 
  • strong– “I need to be healthy so I can be STRONG!” complete with flexing arms
  • stink– “Charlie goes stink in his pants.” Which, actually, is true right this moment.  So I’m going to have to cut this short. Unless someone wants to come take care of it for me?  What? No takers? *sigh* Fine.  Motherhood calls!

Another Christmas, Come and Gone…

Things kept happening over Christmas break and I found myself saying, I need to remember to blog about that.  Sadly, I’m sitting here finally getting to Bryce’s blog (it’s all I can do to keep up with my Pinterest blog everyday, so this one is when I have the time/energy to get to it) and I’ve forgotten most of what I wanted to write down.  But as I think of things, I’ll just toss them out there.  I apologize in advance to any and all English teachers for my lack of structure, decent paragraphs, thesis statement and concluding thoughts. :)

Christmas decorations: 

If you know Bryce at all, you know he has an astounding memory.  As soon as Thanksgiving was over, the houses in the neighborhood began to deck the halls, and Bryce was delighted.  We would drive through the streets around our house and he would point out any new “blow ups” as he calls them.  You know, those tacky yard decorations that people inflate at night?  I hate those things, but the boys love them, so we go searching for new ones every time we are out.  Bryce remembered EVERY HOUSE from last Christmas.  He would ask, “Where’s the Santa and the reindeer with the hat?” or “The snowman in the snow globe isn’t on the roof.”  I had to explain that not every house was going to be the same as LAST YEAR.  Sometimes people move away.  For example, our neighbors to the left moved away and a new family moved in.  So the decorations were different.  This bothered him for a few days, but he was satisfied enough with the fact that the neighbors down the street got a new “blow up.”  Every time we came home he ran down the sidewalk to check it out.  I just couldn’t believe he remembered which yard decorations went with which house!

Uncle Nathan’s torture:

Bryce has several obsessions.  One of them is the phrase, “Oh no!”  If anyone says that, it MUST be followed with “What are we going to do?”  He will pester you until you say it.  It stops his world and you can’t get anything out of him until someone says it.  Usually it has to be the person who said Oh no.  For example, I can’t say What are we going to do? if Jared says Oh no!  Uncle Nathan, being the typical “annoy the nephews” kind of uncle, decided one day to keep saying Oh no! in all sorts of ways in his sentences.  And he refused to say “what are we going to do?”  This drove Bryce batty.  He finally gave up and just ignored Nathan.  Of course, Nathan then took credit for “fixing” Bryce.  However, when we were in the car headed home, Bryce asked me to say “What are we going to do?”  So I humored him, thinking maybe Henry said Oh no and I just didn’t hear it.  Bryce then proceeded to ask me to say it again, back to back, six more times.  He had been keeping track in his head of how many times Nathan said Oh no.  It was finally his chance to make things balanced and right in his world again.  Needless to say, Uncle Nathan has been banned from every uttering the words “Oh no” again!

Uncle Lance:

Lance is Jared’s older brother.  He and his family came to visit us one day over the break.  We had a wonderful time with them, as they have three boys as well.  The cousins had a blast together, and Lance really seemed to enjoy Bryce.  He and Bryce sat next to one another while we had breakfast at Jared’s Denny’s the morning they were heading home.  Lance kept teasing Bryce about his pancakes. He said, “They are all out of syrup, so you’re going to get hot sauce for your pancakes instead, OK?”  Bryce just laughed and said, “No! That’s silly! You don’t put hot sauce on your pancakes!” (Once again, I wish you could read inflection- his little voice just goes up and down with exaggerated emotion, especially when you’re talking about absurdities.)  Later, Lance told him that the butter was gone, so he was going to use sour cream instead.  Again, Bryce just laughed and thought Uncle Lance was so silly.  This is really huge progress for someone who is autistic.  A year ago, Bryce would have cried because he would really believe that someone was going to ruin his breakfast.  Now, he sees the absurd and teasing part of things and is learning to enjoy humor.  So thanks, Uncle Lance, for including Bryce in the conversation and making him enjoy your visit!  Little things like that don’t go overlooked! 

That’s all I can think of for now, although I’m sure there was more I should be recording for posterity.  All in all, it was a great Christmas break (but we are happy to be back in the structured environment of school!).

The cousins, Christmas 2012
Cousins, Christmas 2011

Ah, Young Love!

Bryce has a crush.  The mere thought of it just makes me laugh.  Somehow I just don’t think of him as capable of that, because it’s such a social aspect of life, but I’m selling him short, I guess! Mrs. Linda told me about his new love today.  For her privacy, I’ll change her name to Rosa.  She’s a Hispanic girl with long black hair, and apparently Bryce is enamored with her.  He insists on sitting right next to her, and she is very sweet and tolerant of him.  He keeps his eye on her at recess and lunch, and if she finishes eating before him, he tosses his tray and heads off to the playground to catch up with her.  If you know Bryce, you know that HAS to be love! 

He was working on a question in reading that required inference.  It was something to the effect of “Would you like ‘Jan’ to be your friend?”  Mrs. Linda was trying to help him understand the concept of “liking” someone.  

“Do you like your Mom?” 
“She’s Mommy.”
“No, because she loves you and takes care of you. Do you like your Dad?”
“He loves me and wrestles with me.” 
“Do you like your brothers?”
“They play with me.” (he’s beginning to get the idea now)
“Do you like Rosa?”
“Oh, yes!”

At this point, he couldn’t seem to come up with an answer.  So Mrs. Linda wrote down 8 or 9 things that could be a reason he would like her.  (She’s nice to me, she plays with me, she’s funny, she looks nice, etc.)  Guess which one he picked? Yep- She looks nice. There was something else he said after that, but I can’t remember.  Maybe Mrs. Linda will comment and fill in any missing details.  The male brain is always drawn to an attractive female, regardless of age, mental ability, race, you name it! :) I was laughing so hard! It’s just so cute!  I wish I could see him in action.  (Granted, in ten years I will NOT be saying the same thing!)

What did you say?

I was going to add to this and post it on Bryce’s birthday last Sunday.  Oops.  I think it will do just as it is.  

The other day I bumped into Bryce in the living room, and in his typical way, he overreacted and fell down backwards onto the floor.  That was nothing new.  What he said next was.  

“Are you trying to kill me or something?!?”

I just stared at him, dumbfounded.  What?!? I have no idea where that one came from, but it was hilarious.

For the last few days, Bryce has been quoting, no, mimicking, a monologue from Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.  He discovered it on ABC.com where he regularly goes to watch AFV reruns.  I heard him in the back of the car:

“A piece of toast? Pretzels? Popcorn?  What kind of Thanksgiving dinner is this? Where’s the turkey, Chuck?  Where’s the mashed potatoes…?”  It goes on and on, but I won’t type it all out.  Suffice it say it is a perfect imitation of Peppermint Patty.  Maybe this kid could be an actor someday.  Well, provided someone else does the acting first so he can just copy them.  

The Pants Dance

This morning when Bryce was getting ready for school, he was being so silly.  I’m not sure what was going on in his head, but he kept giggling to himself and was just in a playful mood in general.  After his shower, he was getting dressed but he still needed his pants.  He started jumping around and shuffling his feet and swinging his arms.  I thought he was just being silly and getting the wiggles out before school.  A few seconds went by, and he walked over to where I was sitting (he was still pantless at this point) and said, “I was doing the pants dance.”  It was so matter of fact that Jared and I both starting cracking up.  When he saw we thought it was funny, he starting “dancing” again.  Silly boy.  We questioned him several different ways trying to find out where he learned the pants dance.  He’s been on an AFV kick lately, so I thought maybe he saw it there.  But we couldn’t get any other answer out of him except, “I made it up.”  So we did the pants dance and sent him off to school in his silly mood. Poor Mrs. Linda.  She’s going to have her hands full today :)

"I think we have a problem!"

Oops! I posted this on my Pinterest blog on accident :) Moved to the appropriate location now!

A few days ago Bryce’s aide decided to move his desk because where it was situated he was able to see the class computers and was getting nothing done while other kids were using them.

Today she told me that every day since then, he says,

“I think we have a problem…”
To which she replies “What’s the problem, Bryce?”.
“You forgot to move my desk back!!!”

He was REALLY enjoying his view :) I’m not sure how long this will go on, but he does love the computer, so…

Another milestone, Another meltdown

So often I think to myself, “I should write that down” when Bryce will say something to me that’s funny, or special, or poignant.  Yet he’s outgrown his baby book, and I know I’ll never keep track of a notebook or loose papers.  I’m a bit behind with my scrap booking, too.  (Henry’s birth is still waiting to be properly pasted, decorated and journaled.)  So I decided to start a blog to remember those moments and share them with others.  There are days when dealing with Bryce’s disorder gets to be too much, and I know that there are others out there who feel just like me.  I regularly prowl the Internet looking for moms that are in my boat and may be willing to help bail with me.  And then there are days that the accomplishment is so sweet, and the victory so hard won, I just need to shout it from the housetops! So this is where I will come to do just that.  Unlike Jared’s humorous, snarky blog (which I love reading as much as others do) this will just be a place for me to put my thoughts to paper (or screen, I guess) and hopefully help others along the way. Continue reading