Bryce’s Valentine Compliments

I know, this post will seem like bragging on my son, and I guess it may just be that. :) I posted on my Pinterest blog about the great idea of doing Valentine’s Day compliments for a class.  Click here to read that post.  I was so excited to get Bryce’s when he came home because I couldn’t wait to see what other kids thought about my son.  It’s not like he comes home and tells me who is nice to him, or if someone has been mean.  He’s largely clueless when it comes to social nuances.  So this was a peek into his daily life at school.  

You are smart.  You are a very good problem solver.  You always smile; your smile is always bright.  You’re kind.  You are funny because you have a silly laugh.  You are kind to everyone; you are very helpful.  You are very kind because you never say bad things about people.  You are kind.  You are smart.  I like how you read.  You are fun.  You are smart; you are nice to Mrs. Linda.  I like playing with you.  You’re cool.  You can answer so many questions; you are very nice.  You are a very hard worker, you never give up.  You are an amazing kid, you are that because you are smart.  You are really smart; you are a good friend.  You are very nice.  I think you are a very good soccer player; I like playing soccer with you.  

I had to laugh at the “nice to Mrs. Linda” comment.  He’d better be! He has no idea how good he has it!  :) Jared just groaned when he read “you are a very good soccer player” since he hates soccer.  I don’t know if any other moms read their kids valentines, but I sure did!  I’m glad to hear my child is kind to others and smart to boot!