Third Grade and Saying Good-bye to Mrs. Linda

first day of school collageTime marches on, doesn’t it?  As I typed in the title of this post, I thought to myself, I may not be ready to write this one yet.  It still makes me weepy inside to think of Bryce at school without our beloved Mrs. Linda.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy Mrs. Linda’s expertise and love for the last three years of school.  This year, they powers that be (ones I’m not exactly thrilled with at the moment) decided to assign her elsewhere and gave Bryce a new aide. Continue reading

He’s going to hate me for this someday…

Every Wednesday Bryce has PE at school.  They’ve been doing “Jazzercise” lately, and Mrs. Linda keeps telling me how good he is at keeping up with the moves.  For someone so awkward with his body, it’s a little hard to believe.  So to prove it, she made a couple videos for me. I know that someday he’s going to hate me for posting this online, but it’s so cute-I can’t help it :)

Got one more :)


Spring Break Schedule

Because we have two weeks of Spring break and Bryce is now home all day, I instituted a schedule with several blocks of “No electronics allowed” throughout the day.  Otherwise, he would be plugged into something for two straight weeks.  He has no desire whatsoever to be involved in anything else.  You have to drag him outside and then you have to do something to engage him or he’ll just wander around or find somewhere to sit and wait.  His lack of imagination can be so frustrating, but it’s not his fault.  His brain just doesn’t work that way.  However, he is a master imitator, so if you show him what to do, he’ll usually go along with it. Continue reading

Bryce’s Valentine Compliments

I know, this post will seem like bragging on my son, and I guess it may just be that. :) I posted on my Pinterest blog about the great idea of doing Valentine’s Day compliments for a class.  Click here to read that post.  I was so excited to get Bryce’s when he came home because I couldn’t wait to see what other kids thought about my son.  It’s not like he comes home and tells me who is nice to him, or if someone has been mean.  He’s largely clueless when it comes to social nuances.  So this was a peek into his daily life at school.  

You are smart.  You are a very good problem solver.  You always smile; your smile is always bright.  You’re kind.  You are funny because you have a silly laugh.  You are kind to everyone; you are very helpful.  You are very kind because you never say bad things about people.  You are kind.  You are smart.  I like how you read.  You are fun.  You are smart; you are nice to Mrs. Linda.  I like playing with you.  You’re cool.  You can answer so many questions; you are very nice.  You are a very hard worker, you never give up.  You are an amazing kid, you are that because you are smart.  You are really smart; you are a good friend.  You are very nice.  I think you are a very good soccer player; I like playing soccer with you.  

I had to laugh at the “nice to Mrs. Linda” comment.  He’d better be! He has no idea how good he has it!  :) Jared just groaned when he read “you are a very good soccer player” since he hates soccer.  I don’t know if any other moms read their kids valentines, but I sure did!  I’m glad to hear my child is kind to others and smart to boot! 


Last night, Bryce was taking a shower before bed when I heard him calling, “Um, excuse me, Mom?” (that’s how he starts every direct address-not sure where he picked up the habit, but it’s rubbed off my other two and now people think I have exceptionally polite children) :) I went to see what he needed and he said, “Something’s really smelly in here!”  Of course, my first thought was that he’d gone to the bathroom in the shower or something.  Eww.  So I pulled back the shower curtain and he said, “See, something smells in here!”  The shower was full of steam. I just laughed and laughed. Did I mention he’s very visual?  I think he’s been watching too many cartoons!  I explained that it was steam from the hot water, not a smell.  We can’t really see smells.  He then said, “Oh, and the water is too hot.”  No kidding 😉

After his shower, he was getting dressed (socks first, of course) and he turns to me and says, “Will you wax me?”  What?!?  He held out his hand, which had a band-aid on it, and said again, “Will you wax me?”  He wanted me to rip off the band-aid for him.  I obliged and then he yelled and pretended that it hurt.  I asked him where he learned the word “wax” and what it meant.  He just said, “AFV” (America’s Funniest Home Videos) with this matter of fact voice, like, Duh! I didn’t know where to begin with correcting that one, so for now, we’ll just stick to “waxing” when it’s time to remove old band-aids. :)

Guess who got Student of the Month today? 

Spelling Word Sentences

Bryce thoroughly enjoying his game of air hockey with Henry
 at the bowling alley yesterday

I just love the first day of the week, when we start on a new spelling list.  I know, that may sound crazy, but really, I love it- probably because Bryce is a whiz at spelling so it’s not really work at all.  And the first day is special because Bryce will use the words in a sentence.  (Something he started doing on his own, by the way. I always just ask him to read the words to me but he wants to do the sentences, too.  But only on the first day)

Today’s list was a goldmine of great sentence cues.  Here are a few of them:

  • thank– “I thank the Lord…” and then he trailed off and I’m not sure how he finished the sentence, but I thought it was sweet
  • sing– “I HATE SINGING!” -I just laughed and laughed.  He was so adamant about it, and it’s totally true.  His class is practicing a bunch of songs for a patriotic program at school and he’s really not happy about being forced to participate. 
  • strong– “I need to be healthy so I can be STRONG!” complete with flexing arms
  • stink– “Charlie goes stink in his pants.” Which, actually, is true right this moment.  So I’m going to have to cut this short. Unless someone wants to come take care of it for me?  What? No takers? *sigh* Fine.  Motherhood calls!

Ah, Young Love!

Bryce has a crush.  The mere thought of it just makes me laugh.  Somehow I just don’t think of him as capable of that, because it’s such a social aspect of life, but I’m selling him short, I guess! Mrs. Linda told me about his new love today.  For her privacy, I’ll change her name to Rosa.  She’s a Hispanic girl with long black hair, and apparently Bryce is enamored with her.  He insists on sitting right next to her, and she is very sweet and tolerant of him.  He keeps his eye on her at recess and lunch, and if she finishes eating before him, he tosses his tray and heads off to the playground to catch up with her.  If you know Bryce, you know that HAS to be love! 

He was working on a question in reading that required inference.  It was something to the effect of “Would you like ‘Jan’ to be your friend?”  Mrs. Linda was trying to help him understand the concept of “liking” someone.  

“Do you like your Mom?” 
“She’s Mommy.”
“No, because she loves you and takes care of you. Do you like your Dad?”
“He loves me and wrestles with me.” 
“Do you like your brothers?”
“They play with me.” (he’s beginning to get the idea now)
“Do you like Rosa?”
“Oh, yes!”

At this point, he couldn’t seem to come up with an answer.  So Mrs. Linda wrote down 8 or 9 things that could be a reason he would like her.  (She’s nice to me, she plays with me, she’s funny, she looks nice, etc.)  Guess which one he picked? Yep- She looks nice. There was something else he said after that, but I can’t remember.  Maybe Mrs. Linda will comment and fill in any missing details.  The male brain is always drawn to an attractive female, regardless of age, mental ability, race, you name it! :) I was laughing so hard! It’s just so cute!  I wish I could see him in action.  (Granted, in ten years I will NOT be saying the same thing!)

The Pants Dance

This morning when Bryce was getting ready for school, he was being so silly.  I’m not sure what was going on in his head, but he kept giggling to himself and was just in a playful mood in general.  After his shower, he was getting dressed but he still needed his pants.  He started jumping around and shuffling his feet and swinging his arms.  I thought he was just being silly and getting the wiggles out before school.  A few seconds went by, and he walked over to where I was sitting (he was still pantless at this point) and said, “I was doing the pants dance.”  It was so matter of fact that Jared and I both starting cracking up.  When he saw we thought it was funny, he starting “dancing” again.  Silly boy.  We questioned him several different ways trying to find out where he learned the pants dance.  He’s been on an AFV kick lately, so I thought maybe he saw it there.  But we couldn’t get any other answer out of him except, “I made it up.”  So we did the pants dance and sent him off to school in his silly mood. Poor Mrs. Linda.  She’s going to have her hands full today :)

Second Grade- Another Year of Fire Drills

I took Bryce to school this morning for his first day of second grade.  He has been putting this day off in his mind all summer.  He usually likes school and is always excited when holiday breaks are over, but this time he was not so sure about it.  He kept insisting that school was next Tuesday the 21st (every week he would say the same thing all summer) even when I showed him on the calendar that today was Tuesday the 21st.  He didn’t talk about it directly most of the time, but I know he was just dreading the start of another school year because it means the fire drills will start again.  Last year on the last day of school, he said, “No more fire drills!  Number nine was the last one!”  That’s right, he kept track in his head all year long.  And so the beginning of a new year means that he has to start all over again.  Poor kid- he really hates those things.  They are so loud, and anyone with an autistic child knows that extremely loud noises like that are just a sensory overload for them.  Add to that the flashing strobe lights and the fact that they leave the alarm blaring the entire time the kids are making their way to the staging areas, and it’s a recipe for disaster.  For Bryce, the anticipation is worse than the event.  His therapist always tells him before they have a drill so he can be prepared.  He also has ear plugs that he can put in to help dampen the noise.  Mrs. Linda told him that she had it on good authority that they would not have a fire drill today, so he needed to stop thinking about it and just get ready for a great first day of school. (This was on the phone this morning before we went to school- isn’t she great?!?)  When I left him at his desk, he was still a little weepy eyed as he told Mrs. Linda he didn’t want to have a fire drill and she reiterated that they would not.  I can’t wait to pick him up this afternoon to see how the rest of his day went.  Bless Mrs. Linda- I don’t think I could have left him there if he’d have been alone!  If you think of it today, please pray for my little sweetie!