Spelling Word Sentences

Bryce thoroughly enjoying his game of air hockey with Henry
 at the bowling alley yesterday

I just love the first day of the week, when we start on a new spelling list.  I know, that may sound crazy, but really, I love it- probably because Bryce is a whiz at spelling so it’s not really work at all.  And the first day is special because Bryce will use the words in a sentence.  (Something he started doing on his own, by the way. I always just ask him to read the words to me but he wants to do the sentences, too.  But only on the first day)

Today’s list was a goldmine of great sentence cues.  Here are a few of them:

  • thank– “I thank the Lord…” and then he trailed off and I’m not sure how he finished the sentence, but I thought it was sweet
  • sing– “I HATE SINGING!” -I just laughed and laughed.  He was so adamant about it, and it’s totally true.  His class is practicing a bunch of songs for a patriotic program at school and he’s really not happy about being forced to participate. 
  • strong– “I need to be healthy so I can be STRONG!” complete with flexing arms
  • stink– “Charlie goes stink in his pants.” Which, actually, is true right this moment.  So I’m going to have to cut this short. Unless someone wants to come take care of it for me?  What? No takers? *sigh* Fine.  Motherhood calls!