The Pants Dance

This morning when Bryce was getting ready for school, he was being so silly.  I’m not sure what was going on in his head, but he kept giggling to himself and was just in a playful mood in general.  After his shower, he was getting dressed but he still needed his pants.  He started jumping around and shuffling his feet and swinging his arms.  I thought he was just being silly and getting the wiggles out before school.  A few seconds went by, and he walked over to where I was sitting (he was still pantless at this point) and said, “I was doing the pants dance.”  It was so matter of fact that Jared and I both starting cracking up.  When he saw we thought it was funny, he starting “dancing” again.  Silly boy.  We questioned him several different ways trying to find out where he learned the pants dance.  He’s been on an AFV kick lately, so I thought maybe he saw it there.  But we couldn’t get any other answer out of him except, “I made it up.”  So we did the pants dance and sent him off to school in his silly mood. Poor Mrs. Linda.  She’s going to have her hands full today :)