Third Grade: Another Year Done

Today was the last day of 3rd grade for Bryce. It seems like last week that I was writing the post about losing Mrs. Linda and having to start a new year with so many changes! I’m happy to report that we survived the year and Bryce did well. There were ups and downs, including a HUGE meltdown thanks to an unscheduled fire drill last week, but he made it! I have no idea what’s going to happen next year, except that he will still be at Buchanan. It really is a wonderful elementary school with a great staff. Everyone is so nice to Bryce and they all seem to know him. He has a gentle spirit and a contagious enthusiasm about life that seems to draw people to him. I’m grateful for the room moms that were also such good friends and helpers for him all year.

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Finishing 3rd Grade

I can’t believe that we are already coming to the end of 3rd grade! We still have two weeks of school left, but most of those days are filled with fun activities like field days, picnics and ice cream parties. Ah, summer….I can’t wait. I was cleaning out Bryce’s backpack this weekend and I came across this paragraph/story that Bryce had to write for class. He drew the picture and wrote it all by himself. They have prompts to follow like character, setting and action, but he related a story about something that happened earlier in the week. When I saw his picture, I just started cracking up! This incident had NOTHING to do with him, but it obviously made an impression on him. Probably because he’s still very concerned about all things Disneyland related these days.

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Light it up Blue!



I posted on my website (365ish Days of Pinterest) about World Autism Day, what those of us affected by autism really want, and how to help make a difference. Please read and share your thoughts about Autism Awareness Month.

autism awareness

Pumpkin Patch 2013

After the last heavy, slightly depressing post, I had to add another one.  We took the boys to the pumpkin patch last night and they had a blast.  I couldn’t believe it, but Bryce wanted to go on the trampoline thing.  I don’t know what to call it- you have bungee cables attached to you and jump on a trampoline.  Here, I’ll just show you: Continue reading

Moving On

It’s no secret that we miss Mrs. Linda.  We want Mrs. Linda back.  Having the same full-time aide for three years makes them like family!  After about a month of school, I sent the Autism department an email stating that I wasn’t happy with the progress Bryce was making this year and I wanted a change.  Apparently this really stirred the pot!  I wasn’t trying to be a difficult person, nor was I expecting the moon.  But when you had a certain quality of help and the next year you don’t, things start to suffer.  Bryce’s grades were going down, and I was getting NO communication whatsoever from his new aide.   Continue reading

Friday’s Sweet Signs of Hope Guest Post

A few weeks ago, Chelsea from Where did the Bird Go? left a comment on my blog asking whether I’d be interested in sharing our story on her blog.  She found me on my other blog and saw my link over to “Bryce’s” site.  I was more than happy to share with her readers.  I especially love her site because it’s not all about “curing” autism and making it go away.  It’s about accepting things and then doing your best to provide the help and support necessary to help your child achieve his best.  It doesn’t view autism as a death sentence and ending to all hopes and dreams.  So she started something called Sweet Signs of Hope that runs on Fridays.  It highlights a special child and shares their moments of hopefulness and a bit about their journey.  Here’s a sampling of ours. Continue reading

Conquering a Meltdown

For starters, let me just say that an autism meltdown is NOT the same thing as a temper tantrum.  Not even close.  To an uneducated outsider, they may appear similar, but trust me, they are not.  I found this helpful graphic on Snagglebox to make things easier to understand.

meltdown infographic


For us, the biggest difference would be the last one: Calming Down once the situation is resolved.  It can take days to recover from a meltdown, during which your child is obsessing over whatever it was that put him in that state to begin with.  Yesterday, we experienced a full-blown, out of control meltdown.  Continue reading

A Day at the Beach

Bryce's permanent position

Bryce’s permanent position


This is my first post on the new site, and I’m still tweaking things overall, but I wanted to get things started by posting a few pictures from  our trip to the beach yesterday. Continue reading

Our Current Obsession. Again.

Do your kids go on favorite toy fasts and binges?  I was thinking about culling our Thomas and Friends train collection a couple months ago because our box was so full and they didn’t get played with very much.  Then suddenly, they are the favorite toys once again!  Bryce used to carry those trains around with him everywhere. Continue reading

A Glimpse of "Normal"

Tonight after dinner we went to the park to take a walk and play on the playground.  Normally when we go to the park, Bryce will wander around a bit and climb on a few of the play structures but he keeps to himself.  He often is “silly thinking” while doing this (that’s the term Mrs. Linda came up with in regard to his verbal stimming).  The playground we went to tonight has a little see-saw which he loves to bounce on.  He and I were playing on it together when a little girl came up and stood there waiting for a turn.  Bryce was going to get off, but I told him to play with her and got off so she could ride with him.  I was pleasantly surprised to see him interact with her. Continue reading